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Portable Freestanding Bathtubs for HDB and Condos


Plug & play
No hacking
No Plumbing required
Flexible outlet to cater to all bathroom


This is the only HERA bathtub model that can be cut and adjusted to fit the exact length of the bathroom walls. For example, when buying a 130cm length tub, it can be cut down by 10 cm (5cm on each side) to reach the minimum length of 120 cm. The breadth of the tub can be cut down up to 5cm.


The sides of the walls will be sealed with silicon to make sure that the bathtub is finished to a perfect fit. The Interior is an ergonomic round finishing for the most comfort soak at home.


Installation varies from $100 to $280 (Depending on site)

Please contact us for more info.


Warranty: 1 Year against manufacturing fault
Material: Acrylic with Fiber Glass
Structure: Stainless steel
Max Weight: 300kg (with water, within HDB limits)


HERA Bathtub 1008 1300mm
Adjustable Dimension (mm): L1300~1240 x W700~650 x 520mm
Weight of bathtub (Kgs): 32
Volume of water (Litres): 280


HERA Bathtub 1008 1500mm
Adjustable Dimension (mm): L1500~1440 x W700~650 x 520mm
Weight of bathtub (Kgs): 35
Volume of water (Litres): 300


HERA Bathtub 1008 1700mm
Adjustable Dimension (mm): L1700~1640 x W700~650 x 520mm
Weight of bathtub (Kgs): 38
Volume of water (Litres): 320


Made in China for Europe, Local Singapore Brand

HERA Bathtub 1008, Wall to Wall sealed up Rectangular Bathtub


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